Amir Ahmad Nasr

  • Populism And Radical Islam
  • Lecture

The election of Donald Trump to US President was greeted with jubilation not only by European populist groups from AfD to Marine Le Pen but also by the leaders of so-called Islamic State.

But what is the relationship between populist movements in Islam and the democracies of Europe and North America, and to what extent do they influence or even strengthen each other?

Amir Nasr experienced radical Islamism growing up in Sudan, Qatar and Malaysia, but later became exposed to the ideas of western enlightenment. The internet was another major influence, and he subsequently became an online activist in the lead up to the Arab Spring.

Now Amir Nasr is a blogger, human rights activist, and author of My Isl@m – Blogging for Freedom – a book which was banned. He was granted political asylum in Canada and currently lives there.

Interviewer: Steven Bloom

Language: English

Appearing in the series: Feelings not Facts – Welcome to Populism

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