Sex as a position?

  • Sex culture between drive, taboo and transformation
  • Meike Stoverock, Mithu Sanyal & Madita Oeming
  • In dialogue

Sex is considered the most beautiful minor matter in the world. But what is it all about? Is it about satisfaction, communication or just plain reproduction?

Our society is “oversexed but underfucked,” vacillating between an oversupply of naked bodies and personal insecurity. Old battles of culture versus nature are now also taking place in the field of sexuality. Long forms of commitment are transforming into serial monogamy or friendly affairs. Is this part of a sexual revolution or are we returning to evolutionary patterns thanks to feminism? The only thing that seems certain is that sex is much more than a minor matter, and our lustful lives are becoming a political stance.

Dr. Mithu Sanyal, cultural scientist, journalist and author of books such as Rape (2016) and Identitti (2021).

Dr. Meike Stoverock, biologist, blogger and author of Female Choice (2021).

Madita Oeming, trained banker, Americanist, cultural and “porn” scholar

Moderation: Adrian Gillmann (DAI)

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