self-deception of the middle classes

  • Social inequality and its exacerbation by the pandemic
  • Ulrike Herrmann
  • Lecture

Germany is a class society: wealth and income are very unequally distributed. Corona has once again exacerbated this division. But nothing is changing. Instead, the majority prefers to vote for parties that only support the wealthy. How can this be? One possible answer: the middle class sees itself as an elite. They believe in their own advancement and feel close to the rich. An expensive self-deception.

Ulrike Herrmann is an economics correspondent for the taz, trained as a bank clerk and studied history and philosophy at the Free University of Berlin. Her books include Kein Kapitalismus ist auch keine Lösung (2016) and Deutschland, ein Wirtschaftsmärchen (2019).

In cooperation with DGB Heidelberg Rhein-Neckar and GEW Rhein-Neckar.

In the series Werde Mensch!

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