Rafael Behr

  • "I have police?"
  • Self-image, image of others and image of democratic security forces as enemies
  • Lecture

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“Left-wing ticks”, “decent citizens”, “humble heroes” – the attributions of self and others in the police force do not always stem from their own experience, but are often handed-down stereotypes that guide the work of “street cops”.

What are the reasons for these images of self and others – between idealization and demonization?

How do police officers see themselves and what do they know about their public? Violence by and against the police also plays a role, as it is often only a reciprocal expression of aggressive impulses.

Rafael Behr is professor of police science with a focus on criminology and sociology at the University of Applied Sciences of the Academy of Police Hamburg and head of the Research Center Culture and Security (FoKuS).

In cooperation with Sicheres Heidelberg e.V.


Free online event

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