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Marlene Engelhorn is the heiress to a fortune worth millions and does something that makes some people’s foreheads sweat: she talks about money – and insists that we do the same. How much money is enough? What is the good life for everyone? How do we want to share? In whose hands is the right to decide? If we want sustainable answers, we need to look at what it means to own wealth, both personally and socially. Marlene Engelhorn dissects our relationship to money and creates a vision that shows that fair redistribution can only work democratically.

When Marlene Engelhorn, born in 1992, found out about her large inheritance, she began to explore the ideas of the Guerrilla Foundation, which she now advises as a Radical Philanthropy Advisor. She is a member of Millionaires for Humanity and co-founder of the taxmenow initiative. Engelhorn vehemently advocates an inheritance tax and raises her voice in the public debate on tax and distributive justice.

Foto: Sarina Chamatova

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