Markus Gabriel

  • Man as an animal
  • Why we still do not fit into nature
  • Geist Heidelberg, Lecture

To prevent our imminent self-extinction, we humans must learn to live with the fact that we are animals and will never be able to overcome our physical and emotional vulnerability. Since time immemorial, the question of who or what we humans are has preoccupied us. Are we nothing more than rational animals? Or are we the crown of creation? Are we therefore “better animals”? Or “worse animals” because we have lost access to the nature within us and around us? Markus Gabriel deals with these questions openly, intelligently and without prejudice. In an impressive way, he combines the latest scientific findings with current philosophy.

Prof. Dr. Markus Gabriel is a German philosopher and book author. In addition to specialist literature, he publishes popular science books, including Zwischen Gut und Böse: Philosophie der radikalen Mitte (2021) together with Gert Scobel.

As part of the International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg

Foto: Hentschel

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