Grannies for Peace

DAI - Gallery Upstairs

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The Granny Peace Brigade is a group of eighteen U.S. women, ages 60 to 91, who live in New York. Because of their passionate opposition to the invasion and occupation of Iraq, last October they attempted to enlist for military service in Iraq at a U.S. soldier recruitment center in New York City. The Grannies said they wanted to replace their grandchildren who might otherwise die there; they felt it better they sacrifice their own lives for Bush’s agenda than the lives of kids on the brink of young adulthood.

All eighteen Grannies were arrested and jailed when they sat down to protest their being denied entrance to the recruitment center. After a lengthy trial in NY this past spring, all the ?Jailbird? Grannies were acquitted. Their case drew international notice, motivating grandmothers everywhere to openly resist.

Admission is free.