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The unvarnished reports of the young journalist Galsan Tschinag caused a sensation. As an international correspondent, he experienced the upheavals in Cambodia, reported from Moscow, Kazakhstan and Germany. When perestroika was announced in the Soviet Union, he was offered a unique opportunity: He became the first editor of a magazine that was to bring the previously unspeakable to the public in Mongolia.

Again and again, Galsan Tschinag fell from supposed securities and found himself on new paths that led him around the world: to his readership, to new friendships and insights, and to his destiny as a writer. Do You Know the House (2023) is the conclusion of his series of globe-trotting memoirs. In addition, Galsan Tschinag will read from his new book of poems, Weltenwanderer (2023), in which he, as a wanderer between the steppe and the urban world, captures an entire life in powerful verse – always connected with the courage to go on, to stand by life and the earth.

Galsan Tschinag, born in 1943 in western Mongolia, is the tribal chief of the Turkic-speaking Tuwa. He studied German in Leipzig in the 1960s, and has since written many of his works in German. He lives most of the year in the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, and spends the remaining months alternately as a nomad with his clan in the Altai and on reading tours abroad. Galsan Tschinag has been honored with many awards, including the German Federal Cross of Merit.

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