Andreas Count von Bernstorff

  • Right words. From Abendland to Gypsy Schnitzel
  • Literature

“Volkszorn,” “Halbjude” and the like – it’s easy to see that such terms come from the right. But what about seemingly neutral words like “migration,” “censorship” or “resistance”? And how racist is the term “race” itself?

Andreas von Bernstorff filters current key words of the German right out of the stream of media and looks at them in the light of day: what do they mean, where do they come from, and what effect do they have? From “Abendland” to “Klimawahn” to “Zigeunerschnitzel,” the book takes a close look at right-wing concepts and everyday discrimination. In the process, surprising correlations are revealed again and again, which allow many a seemingly harmless vocabulary to appear in a new light.
After all, if you want to stand up to right-wingers, you first have to understand them.

Andreas von Bernstorff is a consultant and lecturer for campaigning and strategic communication. He was a teacher, journalist, member of the state parliament, organized international campaigns for Greenpeace, among others, and was a lecturer at the universities of Heidelberg and St. Gallen, among others.

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