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Melisa Erkurt came to Austria from Bosnia with her parents as a child. She has studied. She works as a teacher and journalist. She has made it. But she is an exception. Because at the end of a school year she dismisses the class with the knowledge that most of her students will never speak German well enough to break their preordained fate.
Here grows up a generation without language and self-worth, to whom no one listens because they cannot articulate themselves.
For the time being, the “culture war” in the classroom is for others to decide. Melisa Erkurt lends her voice to the losers of the education system. It’s not them who have to change, but the school system that has to find new ways.

Melisa Erkurt, born in Sarajevo in 1991, was an editor at the magazine biber and spent two years with the biber school project “Newcomer” at Viennese hotspot schools. Erkurt taught at a Viennese AHS and has been an editor at Report (domestic politics) on ORF since September 2019. She writes a weekly column in Falter and her column in taz is called “Nachsitzen”.

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