Joseph Croitoru

  • 75 years state of Israel
  • Israel between Shoah and Nakba?
  • Lecture

2023. Israel, a country like no other, turns 75. Two nightmares lie at the foundations of this state: the Shoah for the Jews, the Nakba for the Palestinians.

About ten years ago, an exciting dialogue about the two national traumas and their respective cultures of remembrance began for the first time. In the meantime, the debate that has developed from this has also met with a broad response abroad. In this country, it is hardly known, although its beginnings also lie in Germany and it touches on the current controversial discussion about the German culture of commemoration and remembrance.

In his lecture, Joseph Croitoru will shed light on the Israeli-Palestinian debate on the memory of the Holocaust and the Nakba.

Dr. Joseph Croitoru, born in Haifa in 1960, is a historian and journalist specializing in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He writes for the German press and radio. His most recent publication was 2021’s Al-Aqsa or Temple Mount. The Eternal Struggle for Jerusalem’s Holy Places (C.H. Beck). In 2021 he received the Peace Prize of the Geschwister Korn and Gerstenmann Foundation.

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