Herfried Münkler

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Whether Hungary, Poland or Brazil, more and more countries are moving away from the functioning system of democracy and its values. Populist parties are on the rise, fewer and fewer people are voting, disenchantment with politics is growing – in short, democracy seems to be in danger. Where are we heading and can we steer the future of democracy? How can we save the values of freedom, equality and political co-decision? Herfried Münkler’s analysis of the threats to democracy is both illuminating and precise, and he uses it to develop reform proposals and solution strategies for its future.

Herfried Münkler is professor emeritus of political science at Berlin’s Humboldt University and one of Germany’s most renowned political scientists. He has received numerous awards for his work. Many of his books are considered standard works and were on the Spiegel bestseller list for months. His most recent publication was Die Zukunft der Demokratie (2022).

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Foto: F. Hentschel

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