Hans-Christof von Sponeck and James A. Paul

  • Should Foxes Rule the Chicken Coop?
  • Oligarchy and Global Power in the UN Security Council
  • In dialogue

The founding of the United Nations was a huge milestone for the Allies and their postwar efforts to maintain the peace. At the head of the organization was the Security Council, dominated by its five permanent members. These powerful nations would take on the burden of keeping the peace and ensuring that the devastating World Wars of the twentieth century would never repeat themselves.

Even this idealized version of the story makes the realities of great power politics become apparent. But the history of the Security Council has not been one of idealism; it has rather been a history of pragmatism and power.

Hans-Christof Graf von Sponeck worked as a UN-Diplomat until 2000 and was assigned to a variety of UN operations throughout his career. James A. Paul was the Executive Director for the Global Policy Forum until 2012.

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