Umes Arunagirinathan

  • Basic Color German: Why I Go Where the Racists Are
  • Lecture

Umes Arunagirinathan is a heart surgeon, successful author, committed member of German society – and Black. Based on his biography, he pointedly describes the difficulties and discriminatory behavior that people of color have to deal with. Sometimes it is a stupid remark, sometimes a serious violation of their dignity as human beings. At the same time, there is a debate about what one is “actually still allowed to say” without being put in the right-wing corner.

In his book, Arunagirinathan does not accuse, but clarifies. He does not see himself as a victim, but as a campaigner for a way of living together in which what we have in common plays the main role: the basic color German. This includes the German language, freedom of self-development, equal rights, tolerance and much more. It is what makes this society for Germans of all skin colors. We must not allow racism to destroy these values.

Dr. Umes Arunagirinathan was born in Sri Lanka in 1978 and came to Germany as a 13-year-old unaccompanied refugee. He is a specialist in cardiac surgery and now works as a functional senior physician at Bremen’s Klinikum Links der Weser.

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