Susanne Hahn

  • Mr. Perfect or Mrs. Smart?
  • Two protagonists of rational action
  • Lecture

What does it mean to act rationally? Mr. Perfect (homo economicus) is an optimizer endowed with special foresight. He has his desires and his other evaluations well ordered and aligns his decisions with those desires. Mr. Perfect, however, has come under criticism. Meanwhile, a Mrs. Smart is taking his place: she smoothly adapts to action environments and acts according to rules of thumb rather than optimizing. Although she does not act “perfectly”, but only “limitedly” rationally, she reaches better results faster in many cases.

Susanne Hahn is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Düsseldorf, received in 2017 for “Rationality. Eine Kartierung” the Philosophy Prize of the Max Uwe Redler Foundation and is currently working primarily on artificial intelligence and ethics.

In the series Praktisch Philosophie?


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