Rock Poetry – Sting

  • Udo Dahmen and Martin Scholz
  • In dialogue, Literature

“We share the same biology, regardless of ideology /
but what might save us, me and you /
is that the Russians love their children too” (Sting)

The song Russians (1985) was written at the time of the Cold War – and like several other pieces of the Briton it became a real classic of rock history. Gordon Sumner aka Sting is considered a philosopher and intellectual in the rock and pop scene. He is politically active, and his many talents and interests have also led the former frontman of the band The Police to make forays into acting.

Many rock songs are actually “settings” of great poetic lyrics and political commentaries. We dedicate ourselves to this special form of literature in this series. In loose succession, we will introduce famous rock poets and devote ourselves intensively to their lyrics – including musical recordings, of course!

Prof. Udo Dahmen, head of the Pop Academy Mannheim from 2003 to 2023 and once drummer for Sting, and journalist Martin Scholz (Die Welt, among others), who has met and interviewed Sting several times and has processed his conversations with the pop star in his book Message in a Book (2021), will talk about Sting.

Foto: Raph PH (CC-BY-2.0)

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