Rock Poetry – Bob Dylan

  • Heinrich Detering & Udo Dahmen
  • Literature

Many rock songs are actually “settings” of great poetic lyrics and political commentaries. The award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Bob Dylan in 2017 “confirmed” this only officially.
We are devoting a new series to this special form of literature. In loose succession we introduce famous rock poets and dedicate ourselves intensively to their lyrics – of course including music recordings!

The prelude is – how could it be different – Bob Dylan. In his Nobel Prize speech he described how he absorbed songs of former folk musicians, studied their language and how their lyrics sensitized him. Moby-Dick, Nothing New in the West and the Odyssey had influenced him the most, and the Bible was also to be recognized everywhere.

Heinrich Detering, Bob Dylan specialist, literary scholar, lyricist and former president of the German Academy for Language and Poetry and Udo Dahmen, director of the Pop Academy Mannheim, will talk about Dylan’s lyrics.

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