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The allegedly apolitical generation of today’s 14 to 25 year olds is rising up and making concrete demands on politicians to ensure that a sustainable life and a new generational contract succeed. A vision for all? A task for politics?


Franziska Heinisch, law student, youth council of the Generationenstiftung, Berlin
Sarah Hadj Ammar, Biomedical Student, Plant-for-the-Planet, Global Board (Youth World Board), Würzburg
Daniel Al-Kayal, political science student, SPD, Heidelberg
Nikolas Löbel, Member of the Bundestag and City Council in Mannheim, M. Sc. Economics/BWL
Dr. Lukas Köhler, doctor of philosophy, member of the German Bundestag in Munich

Moderation: Sören Sgries, RNZ politics editorial office

Supported by the Heidelberg Partnership for Democracy, funded by the program “Living Democracy!” of the Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth