Philosophy and design

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Philosophy designs incomprehensible systems, design prettifies what has already been made. The one is occupied with meaningless depth, the other with unnecessary surface. So do the two complement each other in their superfluousness? In any case, they come too late when it comes to shaping our reality.

If one takes these prejudices, which are still alive today, as a starting point, various questions can be asked: If the two are so similar, what exactly is their relationship? What is the relationship between thinking and designing?
Together, Arnold & Arnold find out why the accusation of post-sustainability and superfluousness alone is too short-sighted.

Dr. Dr. Florian Arnold, research associate at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart.
Dr. Thomas Arnold, research associate at the Department of Philosophy, University of Heidelberg.

In the series Praktisch Philosophie!

In cooperation with Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship.


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