Nele Pollatschek

  • Dear Oxbridge
  • Love letter to England

When Nele Pollatschek travels to Oxford on 23 June 2016, she has no idea that she will become a brexite profiteer against her will. Overnight, her mountain of student debt almost disappears into thin air due to the collapse of the currency – but at the same time she experiences the shock of her life: the British want nothing more to do with Europeans like her.

Like every outcast lover, she asks herself: Why? With the keen eye of a Miss Marple, she realises that the key to misery lies precisely at Oxbridge. It is this system that produces the type of politician who is destroying the country. – A witty, angry analysis of a turbulent love affair with a confused island.

Nele Pollatschek, born in 1988, studied English literature and philosophy in Heidelberg, Cambridge and Oxford and received her doctorate in 2018 on theodicy in the Victorian novel. In hr2 kultur she presents Pollatschek’s canon: world literature to have a say in.

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