Awakening the heart

  • A half-day workshop exploring “heartfulness” through yoga practice
  • Josh Gale

The practice of mindfulness involves the heart as much as the head. Some contemporary mindfulness teachers say “heartfulness” might be a fuller expression. It’s not only about cultivating greater present moment awareness, it’s also about having a compassionate and kind attitude towards others and ourselves in every moment.

During this half-day workshop, we will explore “heartfulness”, including loving-kindness meditation practices towards ones self and others. We will begin the workshop with a mindfulness yoga class focused on gentle, heart opening movements. We will then discuss themes relating to self-compassion and loving-kindness before diving into the meditation practice itself. The aim of the workshop is to inspire us to live kinder lives.

About the teacher:
Josh Gale is from Auckland, New Zealand and began practicing bhakti yoga in 2002. In 2006, Josh completed his first yoga teacher training course, and ten years later he completed another one, this time focused on a Buddhist mindfulness approach to yoga. He is also a certified mindfulness teacher.

Please bring your own yoga mat and a cushion for meditation.

Registration is required, please send an email by Thursday, May 16:

Costs: 35 Euro // 30 Euro for DAI-members
Language: English

The workshop ends at 5:30 pm.