20th International Festival of Silent Film and Live Music

  • On the way to school
  • Musical accompaniment: Jutta Glaser, Jochen Sattler & Friedwart Goebels
  • Concert, Festival, Film

Directed by Pascal Plisson, France 2013, 1 hr. 17 min.

Musical accompaniment: Jutta Glaser (vocals), Jochen Sattler (percussion), Friedwart Goebels (piano)

What for some children is not an exciting everyday life, is for many others a real adventure: the way to school. For some children, this means meeting a herd of elephants, making their way over stony mountain paths or through impassable river valleys, or riding a horse through the vast Patagonian landscape: Jackson (11) from Kenya, Zahira (12) from Morocco, Samuel (13) from India and Carlito (11) from Argentina all have an exciting, not entirely safe journey to school. Nevertheless, they spare no dangers to complete their education.

Director Pascal Plisson accompanies these four children, as well as their friends and siblings, on their daily, arduous journey to school. In this way, the viewer is reminded that the journey itself can also be a goal.

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