Writing for TV-Shows – Group B

  • Alex David
  • Writers’ Room

On 1st April, as part of the project, “Heidelberg goes Hollywood – Inside the Writers’ Room” the second part of the new series of workshops, “Writing for TV-Shows” will begin. The 12 participants will meet every Wednesday; they will work together, according to the principle of the Writers’ room, to come up with and write a new and innovative television series. The group will benefit from the direction provided by Alex David.

During the workshops the participants will learn how a concept for a series is established, how characters are developed, how individual episodes are structured, how an over-arching theme is established across individual episodes and how ideas are generated for further episodes. The aim is to work as a group to draft a pilot script.

Alex David is an award-winning screenwriter from Los Angeles. He teaches Film and Television at the University of Heidelberg and at the University of Mannheim. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the renowned American Film Institute.

Cost for three months: €150

Language: English

Further workshops will be arranged on request.