How does culture get into our heads?

  • Georg Northoff
  • Eine neurowissenschaftliche Reise zwischen Ost und West

Is there more to man than biology? Philosophers have been asking this question for centuries. Neuroscientists are now expanding their perspective; cultural neuroscientists are drawing on anthropological and cultural theories thus adding to theories about the biological functions of the human brain. Is the brain governed, not only by nature, but also by culture? Does our environment alter our neurological processes and are there therefore culture-specific differences between our brains? How does culture get into our heads?

Northoff’s latest book provides an answer. The most recent scientific discoveries are so convincingly presented through the fictional story of a relationship between two characters, a German neuroscientists and a cultural anthropologist brought up in China, that it is difficult not to be drawn into this fascinating discipline.

Georg Northoff, born in Hamburg and author of, “The Undisciplined Brain” (Das disziplinlose Gehirn, 2012), undertakes research in the areas of philosophy, psychiatry and neuroscience. He worked as professor of Neuropsychiatry and Neurophilosophy at the University of Magdeburg before taking up a research chair for Mind, Brain and Neuroethics at the University of Ottawa (Canada) in 2009.

Language: German

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