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Even several decades after the end of apartheid, there is still a deep divide between rich and poor in South Africa. Poverty, lack of education, crime and HIV still primarily affect dark-skinned South Africans.

The choir Vulingoma (formerly Zabalaza) from the Vulamasango orphanage project in Cape Town tries to give children who have been traumatized by the loss of a family member or by experiences of violence family support and prospects for the future. Time and again, great talents emerge among the singers.

The choir is a regular visitor to the DAI and has been delighting audiences for many years. In the meantime, the first generation of the project – still children in the early performances and with a lot of joy on stage – has taken over the direction of the choir. The group’s rousing musical liveliness leaves no one cold – that’s a promise!

Admission is free.

The choir is happy to receive donations for the project.

Foto: Heinrich Unser

Admission is free.