Therapy for all?

  • Who will benefit from the new Psychotherapists Act?
  • In dialogue

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The reform of psychotherapist training will create an independent course of study that will newly regulate the training and professional status of psychotherapists. Both the supply of therapy places and remuneration during training are to be improved.

Is basic therapeutic care for all possible as a result of the reform?
Will sufficient financial and human resources be provided?

Prof. Karl Lauterbach, physician and health policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group
Prof. Silvia Schneider, Professor of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Ruhr University Bochum (RUB)
Dr. Hinrich Bents, Director of the Centre for Psychological Psychotherapy (ZPP), University of Heidelberg
Mechthild Leidl, psychotherapist in training and representative of the PiA Politik Treffen

Moderation: Dorothea Siegle, psychologist and editor-in-chief of “Psychologie Heute”.


Free online event

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Admission is free.