Benjamin Jörissen

  • Digitisation as a cultural process
  • Education, school and learning in #newland
  • Lecture

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Digitization is a process that deeply intervenes in worlds of communication and things: the grounding of ways of life through digitality on the infrastructural level is accompanied by faintly visible but very significant changes. Beyond the tangible smart devices and apps, data structures and collections help determine what will be valid in the future, software makes algorithm-based and automated judgments to the exclusion of the human intellect, and digital protocols determine what can or cannot be communicated and how. All of this requires co-creation and education. We have to get involved in a game, the rules of which we will only have a successful say in if we face digitalisation neither with purely affirmative enthusiasm nor with structural refusal.

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Jörissen is head of the Department of Education with a focus on culture and aesthetic education at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and holds the UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture in Education there. He is a member of UNITWIN Arts Education Research for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development, the European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education, the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Council for Arts Education. In his research, Jörissen deals with forms and aspects of digitalization.

Since 2012, the focus has been on international research on cultural education.

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