Peter Paul Nawroth

  • Health storm
  • A medical and political thriller
  • Literature

The young and ambitious Fred Meyerhoefer convinces the Republican presidential candidate to entrust his PR agency with the organization of the 2028 election campaign. Thanks to a campaign that is as sophisticated as it is criminal, with healthcare policy at its heart, the Republicans win and Fred moves into politics. Here he is involved in setting up a healthcare dictatorship aimed at the comprehensive disenfranchisement and exploitation of the people. Fred witnesses corruption and megalomania and decides to quit. A race for life and death begins.

The thriller Gesundheitsgewitter (2024) shows the fatal consequences that belief in the omnipotence of science can have if it is misused by political powers. The real-life background is provided by the efforts and events of the Trump administration years.

Prof. Dr. Peter Paul Nawroth, born in Copenhagen in 1954, studied medicine in Hamburg. After working for several years as a doctor in US clinics in New York and Oklahoma, he became Director of Internal Medicine I and Clinical Chemistry at Heidelberg University Hospital. Gesundheitsgewitter is his debut novel.

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