Mitch Senf

  • Development of the essential
  • Discovering our essence and developing our potential
  • Lecture

How does one succeed in discovering and developing individual potential? We are confronted with this exciting question at a time when professions are increasingly being replaced by intelligent algorithms, while the inner call for the essential is becoming louder in the individual.
What to do in the individual search for orientation, an own way and a meaningful life?
Mitch Senf shows true-to-life ways in which we can find meaning and fulfillment by recognizing the deeply human in ourselves and finding an environment in which we can bring exactly this uniqueness to bear.

The former top athlete and breakdancer Mitch Senf wrote the book “#educationforfuture” together with Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther. As a social entrepreneur and co-founder of the “Hero Society” he supports young people in finding personal clarity and professional fulfillment.