Madita Oeming

  • Don't (porno) panic!
  • On alarmism in porn discourse
  • Lecture

The public discourse on pornography is predominantly alarmist; not only, but increasingly so since its explosive spread through the Internet: Porn is said to be misogynistic, distorts our body images, shows and increases sexualized violence, leads to a hypersexualized youth and is addictive.

In her contribution, cultural scientist Madita Oeming wants to critically question some of the cultural fears surrounding pornography, place them in their larger political context and explain to what extent porn is primarily a historically grown scapegoat.

Madita Oeming, a trained banker and cultural scientist, is considered one of the few “porn scholars” in Germany. She teaches and researches at the Institute for English and American Studies at the University of Paderborn.

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