Eike Wenzel

  • The new green age
  • How the Green New Deal will radically change the way we live
  • Literature

Climate catastrophe, record droughts, species extinction: for a long time now, it’s no longer just about small measures, but about preserving the basis of our lives. The European Union’s so-called Green New Deal is supposed to contribute to this – but many people don’t realize what serious changes this will bring.

Eike Wenzel is considered one of the most renowned German trend and futurologists. Based on the twelve most important topics, he explains what the Green New Deal and its concepts mean in concrete terms for us, our markets and society. In this way, he shows that fundamental ecological change is not only a challenge, but above all a historic opportunity. How can we seize it quickly and effectively?

Wenzel is founder and director of the Institute for Trend and Future Research (GmbH) and editor of the newsletter Megatrends!; he is also a member of the Sustainability Council of the Baden-Württemberg state government. His columns appear in Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche and Huffington Post, among others. And: He is “the trend researcher with the lowest BlaBla factor,” as the business magazine Business-Punk once noted.

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