Jürgen Kaube

  • The divided society
  • Lecture

What still holds our society together? Hardly a day goes by without this question being discussed on talk shows or in newspapers. Whether it’s rich versus poor, east versus west, countryside versus city, young versus old – or the ongoing dispute over questions of identity, faith or gender: the social divide appears to be a sign of our times.

Jürgen Kaube gets to the bottom of this diagnosis. Society, it can be said, is essentially made up of inequalities; but it becomes dangerous when inequality leads to ever greater polarization, to permanent opposition. So what is just media talk, and where do real tests of strength loom?
Kaube provides orientation in a confusing situation and delivers a coherent interpretation of our social present.

Jürgen Kaube is editor of the FAZ and award-winning author of several bestsellers.

In the series Democracy

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