Gunter Dueck

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Meetings without results, wrong decisions, excessive bureaucracy, career lust of some, incompetence of others – and everyone shuts up because the nonsense comes from above. The consequences are endless extra work and unnecessary conflicts, which then have to be defused at great expense. In short: Management does not act according to the leadership principles it propagates itself. Under too much pressure, people deceive, trick and cheat.

Gunter Dueck identifies the most inflammable sources of senselessness in our business world and gleefully throws them into the garbage can. Humor is, if one continues to participate nevertheless…

Gunter Dueck was a mathematics professor and chief technologist at IBM until 2011. Since then, he has lived in a state of unrest and works as an author, blogger, network activist, business angel and speaker – and is undauntedly dedicated to improving the world.

Foto: F. Hentschel

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