Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI

  • Axel Kühn Trio
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With “Lonely Poet” the trio of award-winning bassist Axel Kühn presents its already fourth album. Despite a lyrical approach, the music is powerfully grooving, full of energy and filled with seemingly inexhaustible creativity. Through improvisation, it is sometimes completely open in which direction a piece moves. An interaction of musicians, space, time and audience is created, which gives rise to unique, unrepeatable moments. Thus, the Axel Kühn Trio knows how to take its listeners on an exciting journey with many moments of surprise and an open destination.

Axel Kühn – bass
Ull Möck – piano
Eckhard Stromer – drums

Box office only
Admission: 14 Euro (normal) or 12 Euro (reduced)
Ticket reservation under ticket@jazzclub-heidelberg.de