• Stories, views and realities of women with refugee experience
  • Social Activity

Memories are stories we tell ourselves. Stories about who we are and why we are the way we are. Some of these stories we tell ourselves so often that they become part of our everyday lives – no matter how many years have passed. Women who have experienced war, had to leave their homes, coped with a flight and fought their way to a new life in Germany against all odds bring many of these stories with them. The stories are as diverse and varied as the women themselves. The event Lebenslinien is about precisely these stories and the appreciation of them. Here, seven women will present their stories in a one-hour reading and will be available for personal conversations afterwards. Be surprised by the versatility and be there when women authors get to speak, who far too rarely get the chance to do so.

Registration: Ingrid Stolz,

Admission is free.