Franziska Trischler & Mareike Tiede

  • Drop it.
  • An evening with texts by Michael Ende
  • Literature

“Let go! Let go! Drop it!” But the protagonist doesn’t. He can’t. He can’t. Why not? Why not? Or maybe the better question is: drop it – what for? Where the imagination dances over the rope, where the walls crack – we are right in the middle of Michael Ende’s fantastic worlds, where people set off into the unknown.
This evening is dedicated to the philosophical, less known, often very dark side of Michael Ende’s work, which would have turned 90 a few months ago. The speakers talk about all this with the great lyrics of Michael Ende and with singing, sound, devotion and humour.

An intensive encounter with Rilke’s Panther had such a strong effect that Mareike Tiede turned the spoken word into a profession. She designs speech art programs and works for BR and ORF.

Franziska Trischler studied linguistics and has been on stage with poems and sound poetry since she was able to read. She is a member and founder of several speech and theatre ensembles.

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