Franziska Brantner MdB & Ekkehard Fields

  • "All lies"?
  • How politicians speak today (can/should/want)
  • Literature

Politicians are often accused of populism and agitation, but also of embellishment and trivialisation. Informing, arguing and persuading has become more delicate before a basic tone of distortions and simplifications.

What challenges do politicians face when addressing a large, heterogeneous crowd of people? What choice of words, what tonality convey credibility? Are there self-imposed taboos? What linguistic reactions are required for “hate speech”, breaking taboos, discrimination in political discourse?

We are talking about Franziska Brantner, Member of the Bundestag for the Greens in Heidelberg, and the linguist Prof. Ekkehard Felder from the German Department of the University of Heidelberg, who also runs the blog Semantic Competitions – How Language, the Way of Thinking.

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