Franziska Heinisch

  • We have no choice
  • A manifesto against giving up
  • Lecture

Climate emergency, social division, predatory capitalism, democracy fatigue, and then a global pandemic. We live in an age of crises. And yet Franziska Heinisch believes that the signs are not pointing to giving up – quite the opposite.

In her book, the young author establishes the crucial connections between the crises and conditions of our time and breaks them down to what they really are: Power struggles of the few who are in power against the many who are not. She exposes bogus arguments and recurring objections to the necessary changes and outlines ways out of the crisis. It is convinced that those who demand change must organize social power shifts. For this, this manifesto of hope provides a guide.

Franziska Heinisch fights for a just climate change from below. She is author of the book We Have No Choice. A Manifesto Against Giving Up, which was published in May 2021. Together with other activists, she founded the organizing collective Justice is Global, which aims to link struggles for climate protection and social justice more closely.

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