Daniel C. Schmidt

  • This is America
  • Road trip through a nation in transition
  • Lecture

This is America is the title of the new book by Daniel C. Schmidt. In view of the renewed police violence against African-Americans, one would like to turn the title – dismayed or provocative – around: “Is THIS America?

Daniel C. Schmidt has been living in Washington, D.C., since the beginning of 2016, from where he reported on politics, society, and pop culture as a freelance reporter for FAZ, ZEIT Online, NZZ, Musikexpress, and SPIEGEL, among others. His travels have taken him to 38 US states; his luggage includes the question of how people are coping with the new political reality under Trump. What he experienced is a country in transition. A country that is becoming more and more polarized, but at the same time reinventing itself – in the midst of racial discrimination, the opium crisis and the battle of the sexes.

Schmidt talks about students who became activists against the gun lobby, American women like Congressman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx who fight against the establishment, and illegal immigrants who are looking for a new home in the USA.

Keynote speech followed by a discussion, audience questions welcome.
Moderation and discussion: Jutta Wagner

Ask your questions to the author during the event in the chat or in advance by mail: presse@dai-heidelberg.de. A great chance to hear evaluations from a young person (born 1984) who has got to know US-American society through many layers.

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PS: If you want to know what music accompanied Daniel C. Schmidt on his road trip – here is the author’s playlist: “I made a spotify playlist with songs I listened to while travelling the US. Listen to the tracks HERE.”


ATTENTION: Catch-up date of 14 June 2020

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