Roger de Weck

  • The power of democracy
  • A response to the authoritarian reactionaries

All around, authoritarians are pressing for democracy. But why do liberals and leftists remain so defensive? Are the conservatives tilting to the right? The weakness of the democrats is much more dangerous than the volume of reactionaries, warns Roger de Weck. His book provides an overview – and confidence, it shows the methods and weaknesses of the right: Whoever wants to, can stop them in their cultural struggle against liberality.

In order to prevent yesterday’s attacks on the future, democrats must work on the democracy of tomorrow, making it capable of action. Only in this way can we respond to the authoritarians, together with the up-and-coming generation Greta.

The Swiss publicist and economist Roger de Weck was editor-in-chief of Zeit from 1997 to 2001 and from 2011 to 2017 general director of the Swiss Radio and Television Corporation.

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