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  • Nochmal von vorne
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The death of her father and the dissolution of his home set many things in motion for Rosa that she was actually glad had been at rest. After all, the Jeruscher family’s history is a jumble of quarrels, attempted or successful escapes, longings and disappointed hopes and the futile desire to find a home somewhere. Now everything is back: the memories of her crazy childhood in the 90s, the breakdown of her parents’ marriage and her relatives in Israel, but also her missing older sister, with whom she had broken up for good reason.

Dana von Suffrin presents her new virtuoso novel Nochmal von vorne (2024), in which she powerfully and with great black humor tells the story of a German-Jewish family in which an entire century of violence and expulsion continues to have an effect.

Dr. Dana von Suffrin, born in Munich in 1985, studied political science, Jewish history and culture as well as general and comparative literature in Munich, Naples and Jerusalem. Her debut novel Otto (2019) was awarded numerous prizes, including the Klaus Michael Kühne Prize, the Ernst Hoferichter Prize and the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize.

Foto: Tara Wolff

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