Claus Leggewie & Frederic Hanusch

  • Planetary thinking
  • Our knowledge between planet earth, existence and the universe
  • In dialogue

Thinking planetary means taking the Earth seriously as a planet: from the Earth’s core to interplanetary space, from the nanosecond to deep time, from elementary particles to the Earth’s mass. If interactions between our home planet and us are in the center, a planetary knowledge paradigm takes shape. It goes along with the relativization of human existence in the universe and the relativization of the anthropocentric view. Thus, questions of habitability and hospitality come to the fore – and the creation of new knowledge always means the creation of new worlds. This book addresses all sciences concerned with the universe and human beings.

Prof. Dr. Claus Leggewie, a cultural and political scientist, teaches at the University of Essen and is director of the Institute for Cultural Studies there and of the Centre for Global Cooperation Research in Duisburg.

Dr. Frederic Hanusch, who holds a doctorate in political science and philosophy, is scientific director of the Panel on Planetary Thinking at the University of Giessen.


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