BÄRs Songwriter Showcase

  • Live Audience Recording Session
  • Concert

A musical form made popular primarily by Bob Dylan: The singer/songwriter tradition is an important part of U.S. cultural history, focusing not only on music but also on lyrics, literature and poetry.

The event will be led by the Heidelberg pop artist BÄR, the founder of the “Songwriting Circle” in Heidelberg, an open international group of local songwriters that anyone and everyone who makes music can join.

Together with BÄR, the DAI library invites various songwriters/bands from the Heidelberg region to present their music to the audience in sets of 30 minutes each. At the same time, a live recording of the concerts will be made on a cassette recorder from the 1970s.

The guests are:
Miss Pirate
Brian Blickenstaff
T.S. Bach
P. Dizzy
Darling Diane

Foto: Oliver Matlok

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