Andrea Landfried

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A voice student falls in love with a married photographer. Every day they share exactly two and a half hours together, for two years. A woman accompanies her husband to California, where she meets the much older Angela. Despite the years and miles that separate them, a fragile erotic closeness develops between them. Sarah falls for her psychotherapist, with unforeseeable consequences.

Andrea Landfried creates variations of female desire, which is at the same time a rebellion against social constraints and psychological patterns, against role expectations. The women’s longing to really see and be seen, to open up, triumphs again and again over the fear of falling outside the social framework. The women dare to feel everything – one of the greatest dares in life.

Andrea Landfried, born in 1976, lives with her children in Heidelberg. She studied law in Berlin and Oxford, among other places, and runs a foundation.

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