At the Beginning there was Night

  • Frank Barsch
  • More than a Thriller

“Frank Barsch can certainly teach us something. That in the long-run, for example, we can’t deny that there’s no escape. His novel can be seen as a sort of confrontation. It confronts the world and how it can’t be.” (Franz Schneider, RNZ)

Frank Barsch is an author and literary academic. He holds teaching posts at a number of universities and is a lecturer in Creative Writing. The appeal of the author’s second novel is his use of language; a poetic language which is both suggestive and exciting. This thriller shows the extent to which novels of this genre can reflect our world.

Most recently published jetzt (2010), Alles denkbare Licht (2012), hier (2013), Am Anfang war die Nacht (2015, Draupadi Verlag).

Language: German

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