Yumi Ito & Szymon Mika

  • Jazzclub Heidelberg at the DAI
  • Concert

Minimalist jazz songs, intense and yet at peace with themselves: the expressive voice of Yumi Ito and the unagitated jazz guitar sounds of Szymon Mika complement each other perfectly. These are catchy, lyrically and musically intense songs. Ito uses the full range of the vocal jazz spectrum, moving between lyrics and wordless vocalese with ease and elegance. Mika is an absolute wizard at strumming his guitar strings, creating a semi-acoustic and semi-electric tonality that is unconventional and highly effective.

Yumi Ito – Vocals, Whistling, Arrangement, Lyrics, Composition
Szymon Mika – guitar, ronroco, composition

Box office only
Admission: 16 Euro (normal) or 14 Euro (reduced)
Ticket reservation at ticket@jazzclub-heidelberg.de