Volcano Day

  • Action day for the whole family
  • Program for children

Worldwide, there are about 1,500 active volcanoes on land and a great many, some of them still unknown, under water. They are fascinating and a bit scary, because a volcano that is not spitting fire at the moment is not necessarily extinct forever…

With a lecture and great experiments, volcanologist Anne Sturm and students from the University of Heidelberg provide insights into volcanoes and their secrets. You will also learn all about the daily work of a volcanologist. Archaeologist Marte Zepernick will shed light on the eruption of Vesuvius and its effects on Pompeii at exciting hands-on stations. There will also be lots of other activities, snacks and drinks, and of course little surprises.

The program at a glance:

12:00 – 17:00

Volcano experiments: make volcanoes erupt yourself

Vesuvius & Pompeii: painting activities, picture puzzles and eyewitness reports

Make your own lava slime

Painting and handicraft activities

Exhibition “Volcanoes of the World

Snacks and drinks

13:15 – 14:00

Lecture: “Magma, lava, tephra and more: Insights into the world of volcanoes”.
With volcanologist Anne Sturm, University of Heidelberg

Admission is free.