Ulrich Schnabel

  • Against the stress of the headlines
  • On news consumption in times of crisis
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How many reports of war, crises and disasters can we cope with without going into shock? Horrible news everywhere – how can we stay informed without despairing or becoming cynical? What does this do to our thinking and how does it change our view of the world? After all, knowledge alone does not necessarily lead to action. But one piece of bad news follows another and often stirs up strong emotions. Instead of shaking us up and encouraging engagement – as many newsmakers hope – an excess of negative news can have the opposite effect: Feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. Science journalist Ulrich Schnabel looks at how the current news situation affects our psyche and gives tips on healthy media consumption that still provides good information.

Ulrich Schnabel, born in 1962, studied physics and journalism in Karlsruhe and Berlin and has worked as science editor of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit since 1993. He has received several awards for his work on brain and consciousness research, artificial intelligence, behavioral research and social psychology.

In the series Potholes

Foto: Martina van Kann

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