Thomas Gebauer

  • Help! Help! Help me! Help me! Ways out of the global crisis

A beggar in the pedestrian zone: donations or not? Helping in this way is always double-edged: you help at short notice and have a clear conscience. But you don’t change anything in the long run. In their book, Thomas Gebauer and Ilija Trojanow question the many facets of charity, from the activities of the super-rich to state aid and local initiatives. The whole system of helping is thought through and shown what works and what doesn’t. Because one thing is needed: a critical concept of help that encourages self-help and yet makes fundamental changes possible.

The psychologist and sociologist Thomas Gebauer worked for the aid organisation “medico international” and has been its managing director since 1996. He was one of the two initiators of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winning “International Campaign to Ban Landmines”.
Ilja Trojamow’s last great novel Power and Resistance as well as his autobiographical-political essay Nach der Flucht (After the Flight) reflect his experiences as a war refugee of the Yugoslavian war clearly and cuttingly.

The organiser is the health workshop (doctors from the PHV refugee outpatient clinic).

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