The seafood restaurant

  • Regina Kanyu Wang
  • Female future designs from China

The Seafood Restaurant is the first short story collection by young author Regina Kanyu Wang to be translated into German. Her stories pursue a great humanistic concern. They address the challenges that come with increasing technologization and the complex choices that people have to make in the face of rapid change. Her works often cross the boundaries between genres, approaching reality through fantasy and balancing scientific and emotional logic. The title story initially reads like a nonfictional narrative and gradually evolves into a horror story. In it, the protagonist seeks refuge far away, but finds a remote New England town frighteningly similar to her home. A tale of otherness and the strength to stand by oneself in a world where everyone wants to be the same.

Regina Kanyu Wang (b. 1990) is an author, scholar, and editor. She is one of the most important young voices in the Chinese science fiction scene.

Moderation: Frederike Schneider-Vielsäcker

Language: English. Reading in German and Chinese

In cooperation with the South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University (SAI) and the Heidelberg Confucius Institute. The event is part of the project “TRANSLASIEN” and is supported by the “Neustart Kultur” initiative of the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the German Translator Fund. “TRANSLASIEN” supports freelance translators of Asian languages and exchanges between scholars at the Center for Asian and Transcultural Studies (CATS) and translators. For more information, please visit the project website.

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